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Are you ready to take action in Kansas? At the Mainstream Coalition we work hard to get people involved in their own representation, from being informed voters, to being active advocates, to even running for office. At Mainstream Action, you can always find ways to advocate for the priorities we share.

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Take Action Now

  • Women's Reproductive Health - Click to take action - Until 9 am on Friday, January 15, 2021, we have an action to email the Kansas Legislature's House Federal and State Affairs Committee to ask them to oppose HCR 5003, a resolution to place an amendment to the Kansas Constitution on a future statewide ballot. This amendment would strip from the Constitution the right of every Kansas woman to make her own health care decisions, instead giving that right to legislators.

  • Connect with your Kansas Legislators - Click to find your legislators - This action is ongoing, we're always encouraging constituents to connect with their Kansas state legislators. Until the national clearinghouses have updated their lists of who is now a legislator, we are asking you to find who represents you with our own tool, ksleglookup.org.